The Wonderful World of Pregnancy


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What Is Frigidity & What Causes It?

Frigidity, which was long seen as a taboo subject, not only affects the woman, but the whole couple itself! It`s a term broadly referring to a low sex drive in a woman. This particular terms isn`t correctly used most of the time to describe women who are cold, emotionally speaking, or doesn`t respond to the sexual advances of their partner.

What Is Frigidity

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Is Beta Carotene Good For Acne?

For years, experts believed that diet didn`t had any influence on the acne development or severity. Now, scientists learn that the aspects related to the diet play indeed a particular role in the development of acne. Although several factors tend to have an influence, data suggest that vitamin A, which includes a form of beta-carotene, is one of these factors. Making some nutritional adjustments may help in improving your acne condition. However, talk to your doctor before making changes in your diet.

Is Beta Carotene Good For Acne

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