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How To Find The Family-Work Balance When You Are A Parent?

Work, home, work home…. It sounds familiar? Lots of parents try to find the “ideal balance” between their carriers and family, something that is often considered an “extreme sport.”

Family-Work Balance

You probably know by now that a job is an important part of your life and not a separate activity of everything you live with your family. It`s possible that you enjoy your job, but it`s also possible to only do it because you have to.

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No matter the situation, the job is part of your life, so you should get used to this. Instead of having bad thoughts and sleepless nights, you should better try to find a good balance between your family and work.

Do a Short List

First of all, try to make a list with things that you enjoy doing: passions, hobbies, outdoor activities, physical exercises, ways of relaxation, etc. For instance, you may prefer listening to music, walks in the park, reading a book, yoga, parties, cooking with your family or your job.

There are people who include on this list their job, while other ones may include the work that they would enjoy doing. Before going to the next step, take a piece of paper and a pencil! What would you want to add on this list?

Analyze your Present Schedule

If by now you went with the wind, maybe it`s time to analyze your schedule. How do you spend your time? How much time you are working per day? How many hours from your working time represent time spent with pleasure? How do you spend your time before and after work? How do your free days pass?

How many from the activities that you noted in your short list can be found in the answers to these questions? If your schedule include activities that aren`t on the list of pleasures and hobbies, this is a sign that you should maybe remove them from your life. Of course, if it`s possible.

Balance your List & Schedule

What it was harder, it already passed! Now you have a short list and you know what are the things you enjoy doing. Then, you analyzed your daily schedule and you know what activities you need to remove from your daily routine. Now it only remains to find a good balance between them. Be careful not to live a life full of things you enjoy doing, but which only involve your job.

What are the reasons for which you need to find a good balance between your job and family? Depending on the situation, there are several reasons for which you need a balance in your life. For instance, if you have a desk job, it`s possible to don`t have time to go with your family to the park, which will make your little ones upset. If you don`t go to the gym, the lack of physical exercises may affect your health. – Click here!

Are you working too much? You`ll most likely isolate yourself from the world in a few months. Then, it`s possible by working too much every day to neglect your family and friends, and this will hurt them even if they won`t tell you.

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Don`t forget! Variety will do you good. “Mix” the activities that you are doing with pleasure with those that don`t, set your priorities, accept the invitations that you get and make sure that you are closer and closer from the balance that you want. It won`t be easy, that`s true. However, you already made the first step. Good luck!

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