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How To Get Back To Work After Birth?

Those first months after your little one was born represented a tremor of emotions and hormones, overwhelming most mothers, an eternal conflict between the joy of being a mother and complete exhaustion. Then, when you finally manage to enter a normal path and learn how to manage the relationship with the little one, it`s time to get back to work.

How To Get Back To Work After Birth

How to do you go from dirty diapers to excel tables? Experts have 5 main tips for us on how to easily adapt from the “Me & My Little One” reality to “Me & My Boss” reality.

Happy Mothers Are Good Mothers

It`s already hard enough to be a new mother without also feeling judgment from everyone every step you make, but you`ll soon find out that people who don`t really know well have opinions about how you should raise your child.

Returning to work after having a baby is easy for some of the mothers out there and very hard for others. Some mothers have to return to their regular job from obvious reasons that involve financial aspects, while other ones because they want to recover their professional life. The first step to getting alone is to accept your decision and be involved in it.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you`ll return to something that you used to love and used to miss in those days when you did nothing else than change diapers. If not, you at least have a job from which you can pay your bills, and this means less financial concerns for the family.

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In any situation you are, don`t forget that you are doing what`s best for your family and for yourself. Letting your child in someone else`s care doesn`t mean you aren`t a good mother. You should only think about to what good model you can offer your little one: a strong mother, intelligent with her own abilities and talents, not only a human being that knows how to take care on her own.

You Should Have Made Yourself an Air Traffic Controller

The thing that might make you crazy as a new mother is the logistic madness involved. Sometimes, it seems that you and your partner need to be in 5 different places at once. Even if you are working with a part-time or full-time, adjusting your professional schedule to include the needs of taking care of a little child may create a mix of activities that may turn to be exhausting and tough to manage.

What is the secret? Here`s the simple and real truth: communication. If you aren`t a single mother, you should try and have a honest talk with partner about what you are able to do and what you aren`t. If you have a babysitter to help you, you need to talk with her clearly about your expectations. You also need to talk with your boss about your working schedule that you can afford or that you need to follow after his requests.

Another tip for the new mothers: take a huge calendar and put it on the wall. There you can note all you need to at your job and as a mother, and find a system to manage the situation as comfortable as possible. Don`t forget! You cannot be in more than one place at once. It`s alright to ask for help.

It Isn`t Called Transition for Nothing

Going from full-time mother back to your job might seem like a shock at first. You probably have entire months of events or changes in the company`s policy that you may have missed. Maybe there are new faces that you need to get used to or old colleagues who used to work and now are gone. Generally speaking, you may feel excluded from the landscape, you may be afraid that you missed some of the opportunities or even that you lost some of your professional abilities while you were gone.

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The key to maintain your mental health is to relax. Think about the period when you resume your work as you being in probation – give yourself 90 days to feel confident on yourself again. No one expects from you to be at 100% in your first few days, so don`t have these expectations from yourself. First of all, you need to get used with the location in general again. Not to say that you may find it hard to leave your child in the hands of someone else, even if you can`t wait to get back to work again.

If you are able to arrange it, go back to work again in a Wednesday or Tuesday, so you can be sure you didn`t stay for an entire week to accommodate yourself. Another idea to consider is to start with part-time to stay only for a few hours away from your child. – Visit this link!

When You Are Home, Be at Home!

It`s said that men are better in organizing activities than women who often get lost in details, so you`ll have the opportunity to learn something from men now that you have a job.

When you are at work, be fully committed and take care of all these activities. Once the accommodation period has ended, you cannot afford to spend your days with your mind elsewhere and worried that your babysitter cannot handle your child. This will make things harder at work. And just the same – when you are at home with your child, it`s not recommended to stay on your mobile phone or computer doing stuff for work.

If you have a deadline approaching or your child is sick at home, exceptions can be made and mix the 2 fields for a while. But this is a very good lesson that needs to be learned by any of us: when you are at home, be at home. If you have something from work to finish urgently, wait for the child to sleep and finish the job and enjoy those hours that you are spending with him during the evening. And when you are at work, no one expects to completely ignore the fact that you have a small child at home waiting for you, but they won`t want to focus only on such thoughts.

Get Help from People in your Life!

When you have a small child, you and your husband aren`t the only important persons in your life – now you are more persons who relate with each other: you, your husband, your families, the babysitter, the employees from the kindergarten, the parents of the other children, etc. All these people can help you with your daily issues, either an advice, a good deed, so don`t try to be a super-mom and do everything by yourself. Ask for help when you need it, even if it`s something simple or easy.

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Maintain relationships with other moms who work with you at your job or in the field you activate. You can also become friends on other moms online on the forums of specialized sites. You`ll surely find tips there or advice from points of view you may have not considered, from how to teach your child to use the potty to how to make him sleep at night or information on the best doctors in your town.

If you are involved in a couple, don`t neglect this part of your life. When you are tired or stressed, you`ll most likely feel the need of a romantic evening, but this doesn`t mean you should leave town for the entire night. Give yourself 30 minutes per day to sit and talk with your partner when drinking a coffee or a glass of wine, looking in your eyes, strengthening the connection between the 2 of you. As it was already mentioned – a happy mother is a good mother, and a child with happy parents is a happy child.

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