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25 Reasons Why to Choose a Natural Birth

In our days, we often hear about births that seem to emerge from a horror movie, and this sometimes make us miss the essential: women are divinely designed to give life. It`s a miracle and at the same time a perfectly normal thing. For most future mothers, giving birth naturally doesn`t mean to be courageous but to treat birth pains as a natural fact of life. Despite pain, a lot of women find this experience full of satisfactions.natural birth

At some point during labor, women confront themselves with some kind of type of fear: fear of pain, fear of not being able to go through delivery or fear of death. But did you ever thought for a moment about the baby has to leave the amniotic sac to be thrown into an unknown world? If he isn`t scared, why are you? You need to overcome your fears and rely on instinct that you`ll know how to give birth. And more than that, you`ll do great!

There are so many benefits regarding natural birth for both mother and child, and so many approaches to labor without medication, so that you can consider giving birth naturally. If you aren`t fully sure, you`ll be able to find below 25 important reasons to try.

Natural Birth Is a Physiological Process

As already mentioned from the first paragraphs, the woman`s body is designed to give life. It`s the natural way of life to conceive, to wear a baby in your womb and give birth. When the baby is ready for a life outside the womb, he`ll “tell” the mother through a hormonal message. The mother picks up the signal, through a hormonal cascade, triggers labor and then birth. At that moment, the body releases other hormones, known as endorphins, which combat birth pains. But you need to keep your temper so that adrenaline will be present at minimum rates. Therefore, adrenaline cancels the beneficial effects of endorphins. You`ll only need to listen to your body, which will send you all the necessary “messages” for a natural birth to take place normally.

It`s Better for the Baby

Natural birth guarantees that when he`s born, there are no drugs and other dangerous substances in the baby`s body. Babies who are born through natural methods are a lot more active and responsive to those “full” of drugs against pain at birth. Also, babies born vaginally show a low risk of asthma and difficulties during breastfeeding, an increased level of glucose or a low level of autism. Also, when taking contact with the perineum, the baby receives the beneficial bacteria that will strengthen his immune system. – More info!

Immediate Contact with the Baby

No mother wants to be separated from her child and no child wants to be taken away from his mother. The unique experience of birth has created an unbreakable bond between mother and child. Brought the mother`s breast immediately after birth, the baby recognizes his mother by smell, voice, heartbeats, body warm and the way she keeps him close to her chest. Immediate and continuous contact with the mother gives emotional safety and helps him cope with the new world easier and faster. The mother`s body offers him the necessary to thermoregulation.

Low Risks for the Mother

Even if they are extremely rare, complications from epidural anesthesia can happen. Also, the drugs administrated for pain during delivery may reduce blood pressure, may cause respiratory depression, dizziness and nausea.

Natural Birth Isn`t Torture

Natural birth doesn`t have to be seen as an unnecessary ordeal through the mother has to pass, but a normal act, the fulfillment of a long wait of 9 months. There is no pain that a woman cannot endure. Moreover, she benefits of all natural resources and physiological effects of such a birth.

Better Adaptation of the Baby to the Outside World

Research has shown that the baby is mentally developed even from the mother`s womb. He responds to maternal stimuli through different movements and reactions. And the signs sent by the mother will guide him through the birth canal and prepare him for the real world. For example, a child`s chest wall shrinks when passing the birth canal and returns to its normal form after being expelled, and this helps him to “learn” how to breath when reaching the world outside the womb, which can more easily be initiated by delayed umbilical cord clamping. If you suddenly remove the baby from an environment which was used with until them, without letting him adjust by going through all the stages, he may be traumatized. There are lots of examples of children with fears apparently unjustified, but whom together with their mother have went through a traumatic birth. And their confidence in themselves and the surrounding world was shaken even from the start.

To Avoid a C-section or other Interventions

When it comes to surgery, there`s always a risk for both mother and baby. If in some cases, Caesarean birth is inevitable, other ones can be prevented. If birth is allowed to progress by itself, in its own time, and the woman is left to respond to pain naturally, childbirth runs smoothly and doesn`t require surgeries, such as oxytocin infusion, epidural, episiotomy, electronic fetal heart monitoring, artificial rupture of membranes, enema. All this determines the use of other medical interventions, leading to birth with forceps or vacuum extraction or, eventually, Caesarean birth.

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You Are in Control

The baby comes when and how he wants, but when he comes, you can control the situation. Natural birth allows you to control every contraction and deliver in your own pace. With an epidural, things can get out of control and remain disappointed and frustrated.

You Have More Freedom

When you give birth naturally, you have a great freedom of movement. You can go to the bathroom on your own, use a birth ball or choose the most comfortable position to give birth. However, when using analgesics you are pinned on the birth table and you lose the ability to move or change your position so that the baby come down and be born. If some women don`t mind just waiting to deliver, a lot of them would prefer to participate actively. – Check this!

You Feel a Unique Experience of Birth

Most women are happy to cuddle their babies, regardless of how they gave birth. However, women who gave birth naturally are more satisfied with their experience at birth. When you give birth vaginally, you live and enjoy a unique experience of giving life.

You Give Birth Faster

If you deliver using painkillers, you won`t feel contractions or pain. For this reason, your natural instincts to help birth progress are lost. Moving or changing a position may help the child to get out faster and the pain lasts less.

You Give Birth on your own Pace

The woman needs to give birth in her own rhythm. She needs to be allowed to expel when her body is ready, not when the medical staff demands her. She doesn`t need to be hurried, even if labor lasts 1 hour, 5 hours or more. Natural birth allows you impose your own pace of bringing your child into this world.

Breastfeeding Is Easier

Babies that aren`t exposed to painkillers are more active after birth and such easier during breastfeeding. And a mother, who isn`t dizzy after anesthesia, is ready to take her baby into her arms sooner. Immediately put to the mother`s breast, the baby senses the smell secreted by the sweat glands of the mother, which is similar to the one of the amniotic liquid. Therefore, the baby adjusts more easily and initiates the first attempt to suck more easily.

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Faster Recovery

After an epidural, the body needs some time to recover and regain its freedom of movement. In the case of a natural birth, you can stand up and move almost instantly, without confronting any side effects of the drugs, bleeding, postpartum infections or other complications, which may come with medical interventions.

Biological Union

Vaginal birth represents for most women the essence of femininity. Also, it`s an expression of woman`s sexuality. Through this unique act, all women are bond biologically and physically. Each woman feels connected with other women in a manner that cannot be explained.

Influence on Motherhood and Femininity

Women remember the memories of giving birth to their child for all their lives. If a woman is asked how her childbirth has developed, any will be able to give you the smallest detail even after years passed. Psychologists consider that the experience of birth influence how a mother receives a baby in her life, but also how she looks at her femininity and sexuality. If her experience has been positive, the pleasant memories will influence how the mother will contribute at her baby`s development and how the baby will understand motherhood. A traumatic experience may determine a mother to abandon her child or find him guilty for all the torment she went through.

Sexual Life Isn`t Affected by Natural Birth

The vagina is a muscle which expands during natural birth, but regains its original sizes after a few weeks. Even if you gave birth naturally, without episiotomy and any major trauma of the perineum, experts say that is normal the first sexual contact to be a bit painful. No matter the way you gave birth, it`s recommended to regain your sexual life after the cervix closes.

Shorter Spacing between Children

After a natural birth, you don`t have to wait too long for your uterus to recover to become pregnant again. Due to the fact that natural birth offers the possibility of a faster recovery to the organism, the mothers who want to have other children can become pregnant a lot faster than when a C-section is involved.

Low Risk of Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that natural birth reduces the risk of breast cancer. The intense hormonal changes, which occur immediately after vaginal birth and during breastfeeding, reduce the risk for this type of cancer to appear.

Lowers the Risk of PostPartum Depression

A birth, which follows a natural way and offers the mother and baby the possibility of interacting constantly, generates positive signs to the mother, who eliminates a triggering factor of post-birth depression from the start. Research has shown that giving birth naturally has an impact on decreasing the risk of incidence of postpartum depression. – Read more!

Reason of Joy

Pushing a baby from her own baby can be one of the greatest achievements. The joy of bringing a child into this world can only be lived a few times in life. A pregnancy offers women 9 long months of waiting. Surgery could only be an emotional disappointment for a woman who wants to enjoy a normal birth.

Your Become more Fulfill

After passing through this experience, you have become more fulfill with all the intensity that life offers. You live discomfort, ecstasy, effort, euphoria, frustration and rewards – all the sensations and emotions that accompany birth. Dare to feel them! Dare to become richer!

Connection with the Partner

Women feel connected with their life partners and husbands, who actively take part to their childbirth. The safety and comfort, which a man can inspire in the hardest and most important moments of their life, play a crucial role in the relationship, but also in building attachment between father and child.


Birth natural, hormonally lived fully and positively, offers unknown powers: strength, capability and self-confidence. When a mother is able to understand and overcome all challenges and unknown sensations of childbirth, her self-confidence and self-esteem become endless.

It`s your Right to Choose Natural Birth

It`s your own birth right to give birth … naturally! The ability of experiencing birth and becoming a mother are among the greatest gifts that life offers women. Because you can, when you`ll do it, you`ll forever feel changed.

Give birth how you feel! But inform yourself first and fully assume the act of birth. Overcome your fears and take into consideration the benefits of natural birth for both child and you.

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