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Top 10 Pregnancy Concerns during the Third Trimester

Passing through the first and second trimester of pregnancy, you have already become an expert in the art of worrying – and maybe, you have already managed to pass over some of these concerns. In the third trimester, you`ll have plenty of opportunities to use these newly discovered talents while due date approaches.

I`m Afraid Not to Figured It Out when Labor Starts

I`m a little worried that I won`t be able to know when my labor started until I`ll be near the moment when I`ll need to give birth. We have all read stories about women who gave birth in a store because she wasn`t able to figured it out what`s happening until it was too late. Fortunately, these situations are very rare. While it may be possible to have doubts whether or not you are confronting with a real birth or a particular imitation of the process, while labor evolves, you`ll have a pretty good idea about what`s happening (or it`s not happening). Even if you may have doubts about these things, the doctor or midwife will be able to figure it out what`s the situation immediately.

I`m Afraid Not to Go to the Hospital only to Find Out I`m not Really in Labor

It may happen to the best of us. Hell, there`s even a prenatal instructor to whom it already happened. Although it may be a bit embarrassing and frustrating to run towards the delivery room only to find out that you need to wait a bit more until you`ll give birth, no one will think bad of you only because you wanted to check how things are. After all, a woman is smarter when she figure it out in time when labor starts than the one who`s taken by surprise by the moment of birth.

I`m Afraid Not to Have my Water Broken when I`m in a Public Place

Here`s a statistic which can help you calm down: only 10% of women experience water brake before labor. Therefore, only if you won`t plan to go to a restaurant after your contractions have started, the chances are everything will be ok. And even if it would to happen to have your water broken in a restaurant or some other public place, this won`t be the end of the world. Contrary to popular belief, there isn`t a sudden stream if you aren`t lying down on your back. In other words, the baby`s head would act as a plug, blocking the exit from your uterus and slowing any leakage of the amniotic liquid. Thus, while you`ll be realizing very well what`s happening (imagine a need to urinate, following by a mild leakage!), no one from the restaurant will be able to notice any difference. – Click here!

I`m Afraid of the Labor`s Pains

Considering the number of spooky stories that you may have heard in the past 9 months, it would be quite surprising not to be afraid at time. The best method to combat this particular fear is by arming yourself with concrete facts. Read as much as you can about birth! Register to prenatal courses! Talk to your doctor or midwife about the various methods of combating pain. If you are still afraid, remember that entire generations of women have traveled this road and lived to talk about it. You`ll do the same! – More info!

I`m Afraid Not to Lose Control during Labor

Fortunately, labor started, another sport with spectators, so you won`t need to worry about “performance.” The doctor or midwife have seen it all and won`t criticize you if it would happen for you to grunt, swear or have other “weak” moments during labor. And about the fact that your partner may be terrified about what will be seeing, you don`t need to worry at all: he`ll be preoccupied to weakness a miracle!

I`m Afraid that No One Will Be Around to Take Care of the Older Child

I`m scared that there won`t be anyone around to take care of the older child when I`ll be in labor. The best method to solve this particular fear is to have a list of possible babysitters around the phone. This way, when the moment of truth starts, you can start calling number from your speed-dial. If you are really worried, lend a mobile phone to the first place candidate for babysitting and ask help to have it around her 24 hours a day. This should give you one less concern to think about. – Read more!

One of My Favorites Pregnancy Books Talks about Scary Things – Perineal Shaving & Enemas

Are there hospitals still that do such things? There are high chances for that pregnancy book to be on its way to antiquity. Fortunately, perineal shaving and enemas have disappeared along with dinosaurs. Thank your lucky star that you are giving birth to a baby now and not 20 years ago.

My Mother Wants to Throw a Birth Party, but I`m Afraid that It Will Bring Bad Luck

No matter how sensitive you may be towards other things in your life, it`s pretty easy to get caught in the chain of superstitions related to your delivery. If this is a big concern for you, you can tell your mother to postpone her birth party plans after your delivery.

My Abdomen Looks like a Map

I`m concerned that these “souvenirs” of birth will get stuck with me forever! Although linea nigra and stretch marks tend to stay with for a while, they`ll also disappear at some point. After a while, they`ll become less obvious for anyone else than you. This is a concern that you should indeed move to the bottom of your list.

I`m Afraid that I Don`t Have What It Takes to Be a Good Parent

It`s normal to worry for your abilities as a parent at this stage of the game. After all, you`ll soon find yourself at the final confrontation – that of being a mother! But before you know it, you`ll be an old pro. All that you need is a bit of time and patience – just as you already know, the training camp is about to begin!

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