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10 Mistakes That Men Do When Sex Is Involved!

So, do you think you know all you need to know about sex? Perhaps you think that women no longer have any secret for you, and that if there`s an universally valid encyclopedia regarding eroticism, you probably wrote it in most part. But reality is rather different. Actually, lots of the things that men think they know are wrong. And these mistakes can even be elementary and can mean the main key to a failed relationship. Women are many things, but open books they aren`t. And this observation is true when it comes to their sexual behavior, not only in the way they behave in a relationship.

Sex Mistakes That Men Do

Their sexual appetite, their preferences and the way the female body excites, are still studied by experts and scientists, so there are few chances for their answer to be in the mind of a man. The mistakes that men do when it comes to sex are, somehow, excusable in that most of them discover sex by themselves. The only advice and tips they catch from erotic movies, which are real “milestones” in the existence of any man.

Unfortunately, the reality from porn movies is very much different than what it`s happening in the real world. Once years pass, people gather more experience, but most women are shy when it comes to sex and they prefer not to tell the man besides them what makes them pleasure, what`s excite them, on what to insist and what to let aside. Because the subject is sensitive and there aren`t many who admit that from time to time the glazing of their partner isn`t really as it should be, experts have made a list with the most common mistakes that men do in the bedroom.

You Know the Woman`s Anatomy Better than She Does

Besides the fact that this is a nonsense, just because you know what a woman`s clitoris is and where it`s located, it doesn`t mean you can teach the woman`s anatomy. The clitoris is only a part of the whole unit. For a deep sensation of excitement, experts recommend more study. The erogenous areas of a woman aren`t only limited to vulva and clitoris. Moreover, very few men understand how things work with the clitoris and what`s is its main purpose.

So, it should be established from the start that the clitoris is the penis`s counterpart, it`s a part of the female erectile system, it`s the most erogenous area of a woman (but not the only one), and its stimulation produces sexual excitement. However, the exclusive concentration on the clitoris won`t offer a complex excitement, what would most women want, but if the rhythm and intensity are the correct ones, it can be reached an orgasm. – Additional info!

There isn`t a universal rhythm, each woman having its own rhythm. However, what it should be remembered is the correspondence of the 2: clitoris-penis. Men are advised to touch the partner`s clitoris in a similar way in which they would want to be excited.

He Knows What He Wants

Men assume lots of things when it comes to the women with whom they have intimate relationships. One of the most common things they assume is that they know exactly what women want. And this assumption comes from their experience they had with other women. If this is the case, we should outline from the start that not all women are the same. – Learn more about this!

The experience gained with other women is very useful, but in the current relationship is even more useful to pay attention to what your partner tells you. Depending on her indications, they may apply what they already know. It`s wrong to start from the premise that what excited your old girlfriend will work for your current partner. And this advice needs to be applied to the entire relationship, not only to the sexual component. There are women who want one-night-stands and other ones who attach themselves after a single sex match from their partner. And, of course, all the other women who are caught between these extremes!

You Have Everything He Wants

This isn`t always true! Experts reached the conclusion, surprising and even frightening for some men, that there are some women who cannot have an orgasm except at a vibration of over 3.000 rpm. It`s already understood that such a vibration cannot be offered even with the fastest oral or manual stimulation, and for such cases there are vibrators. However, some men don`t really like to use them, which may lead to the appearance of some issues.

Just because your partner cannot reached orgasm other than by using vibrators doesn`t mean that it`s something wrong with her. In such cases, the vibrator should be looked more as something helpful, and not something that will replace you. It will handle some of the things in bed, while you`ll handle all the other things.

Sex Is Perceived the Same by Both Men and Women

Not really! Experts claim that there`s a big difference between the way that men and women understand sex, but also in the way each of them feels. The sensation of the penetration that a man has can be felt completely different by her partner. No matter how pleasant it would be at one end, at the other end can even be painful or tortuous.

The vagina`s interior of a woman is sometimes less sensitive than other erogenous areas. A deep penetration, in the hope that this would offer additional stimulation, can do more wrong than good, as it may be felt by the partner as a strong kick in the stomach. Such a sensation won`t be something that either you or her would like. The nausea you would cause her isn`t a subjective state, but rather a reflex that may be triggered in such cases. – More info!

Don`t Assume Anything!

Just because you are satisfied, don`t assume your partner is satisfied as well. If you don`t make an effort for the act to be pleasant for both of you, probably the sex match could have been a fiasco for your partner. Not all women have a rapid orgasm, so you may need some extra involvement for your partner to reach that point.

Lack of Personal Care

When you are in the fire of passion, a beard for a week long on her skin isn`t a sexy thing at all. One of the things that women don`t overlook at all is the lack of personal hygiene. That`s why, you should pay a lot of attention to the way you look, to be washed and shaved, and this isn`t a sign of courtesy at all, but also a ticket in her bedroom.

Not to Offer Sexual Favors in Return

Women often complain of men who gladly accept oral pleasures, but don`t always return the favor. Egoism might be a real enemy in the intimacy of a relationship, because a partner cannot always accept to be satisfied from one point of view, while the other doesn`t benefit of the same treatment. Don`t forget that your partner needs to same attention from the sexual point of view as you do. – Learn about this!

You Always Finish too Fast

This is a well known mistake, but no list can be complete if it doesn`t included it. You need to have control over your body and ejaculate and the right moment. If you cannot control yourself and you reach orgasm too fast, then give more time to prelude. Most women are happy if the sex match lasts at least 20 minutes.

Forcing Sexual Fantasies

Men do the mistake of not respecting the woman`s comfort areas and, thus expect for them to do anything to satisfy them in the bedroom. Lots of women have an adventurous side and are willing to try new things in bed if they have enough trust in their partners. However, if you don`t want to reach that last point, the last thing you should do is to impose your sexual desires at the beginning of your relationship. Don`t forget, real sex isn`t the one we all see in porn movies, so try to slowly add new things when doing sex.

Silence Is Gold!

Lots of men think they should be as quit as possible in bed. Nothing is more further from the truth! Only if the partner will receive signs and indications that she`s doing what should suppose to do, she`ll be encouraged and will continue in a pleasant manner. Otherwise, she may think that her struggle is for nothing and will give up.

A partner, who will want to satisfy you, will appreciate if she`ll be guided with suggestions. Otherwise, she`ll need to guess what you like or what you don`t, and sometimes it may not be a concordance between what you think and her actions. Therefore, experts think that it`s more useful to exist conversations on “what you like” topics for both of you.

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