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Orgasm In Men: Steps to Ejaculation & Curiosities About Male Orgasm

Orgasm in men is obtained through a series of steps involving a number of organs, blood vessels, hormones as well as a network of nerves, all working together. Male orgasm has the purpose of ejaculating with strong muscle contraction.

How Orgasms in Men Works?

The “fuel” of this process which leads to orgasm in men is testosterone, a hormone produced by testicles. Also, the testicles produce millions of sperm that mature and then mix with other protein-rich white fluids. These fluids nourish and support the sperm so that they can survive for a limited time after ejaculation. The mixture of fluids and sperm, known as seminal fluid, is the one that moves through the urethra and is removed through the penis during orgasm in men.

Testosterone in the male body, along with psychological factors, determines the intensity of the man`s desire to have sex. Sexual desire or libido is the key to triggering the process leading to orgasm in men. If a man has low libido, low testosterone or depression, his body won`t respond to sexual stimuli and, therefore won`t be able to reach orgasm.

Steps to Ejaculation

The steps that lead a man to orgasm are:


The man perceives something or someone who causes his sexual interest. This perception causes the brain to send a signal along the marrow to the sexual organ causing the erection. The penis becomes erect when the blood irrigates it strongly, brought by the dilated arteries allowing the blood to circulate 50 times faster. And the blood vessels which normally give the blood out, so that even more blood is pushed into the penis, produce a strong erection. The scrotum retracts, and the muscles of the body bend.


In this phase, the male body prepares for orgasm, which can last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Muscle tension increases even more and the body is crossed by involuntary muscle contractions, especially in the pelvic area. The man`s heart rhythm reaches 150 – 170 beats per minute. A clear fluid starts to pass through the urethra. This pre-ejaculatory fluid is meant to modify the level of urea ph to increase sperm survival.


Orgasm itself occurs in 2 phases, emission and ejaculation. In the emission, the man reaches the point where there`s no way back, understanding that ejaculation is inevitable. Seminal fluid is stored in the upper part of the urethra, ready for ejaculation. Ejaculation occurs through a number of rapid contractions of the pelvic muscles and around the anus. The nerves which cause the contraction of the muscles send the messages of pleasure to the man`s brains.

The End

After ejaculation, the penis starts to lose its erection. Around half of the erection is lost immediately, and the rest disappears in a very short time. Muscle tension starts to disappear and the man feels relaxed and torpedo. Men generally go through a recovery period of around half an hour during which they cannot have another erection. – Read more!

Compared to women, men are different because they are generally satisfied after 1 orgasm. Women can experience more orgasms without losing their sex drive and don`t need a period of recovery.

When There Are Problems

Some men might find it difficult to reach orgasm. Most causes are of psychological origin, they are traumatized by a certain event or some religious practices or have become accustomed to masturbation so it`s harder for them to reach orgasm. But issues can also be caused by some drugs or neurological diseases.

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In short term, solutions can involve stimulation of the penis with a vibrator or other sexual toys. But when talking about long-term solutions, then man should participate in sexual therapies. They involve homework – couples have to engage in sexual activities that reduce performance pressure and concentrate on pleasure.

If orgasm and ejaculation issues are repeated regularly, then you should visit a doctor. Only by thorough investigation can the causes of these issues be found out.

Curiosities about Male Orgasm

In the complex area of sexuality, there are still a lot of curiosities which scientists are trying to decipher and transform into certainties. A lot of these have already been analyzed and elucidates, even though they haven`t yet become universally known.

The Physical Form of the Male Influences Sexual Performances

It doesn`t sound like absolute novelty, but according to the Master and Johnson Institute of Clinical Research in Sexology, the refractory period (the period of time a man requires to become apt to get a new orgasm) may vary between 1 minute and 1 hour, depending on the physical condition of each man.

The ability to get a new erection right after orgasm is influenced by age, physical shape, diet and lifestyle.

Male Orgasm Can Be Triggered Without Ejaculation

In general, male orgasm is confused with ejaculation. According to sexologists, the 2 physiological processes can happen separately, although it`s possible to trigger simultaneously. Therefore:

  • Boys at puberty experience most often orgasm without ejaculation.
  • Some men ejaculate after a few seconds of consuming orgasm.
  • Some men who cannot ejaculate are able to get an orgasm.
  • Some men can ejaculate a few times and enjoy multiple orgasms without eliminating sperm.

Inevitable Ejaculation Exists

American sexologists, Virginia E. Johnson and William H. Masters, talk about the authenticity of the physical phenomenon known as inevitable ejaculation, namely that point of male sexual stimulation where the end of sexual intercourse becomes uncontrollable for a man.

A research by the 2 American experts shows that around 75% of men require 2 minutes or even less of continuous stimulation to reach the climax. When the critical threshold of sexual tension is reached, ejaculation becomes impossible to stop.

Men Enjoy More Orgasms during their Life

The University of Chicago has conducted a study to compare the number of orgasms which men and women enjoy during their lives. The results revealed that 75% of the sex workers have orgasm at each sexual intercourse, while only 50% of women can boast the same performance.

Male Orgasm Takes Less than Female

The ease of reaching orgasms for men also has an incontestable disadvantage that male climax lasts less than females (it`s averagely 5 seconds shorter). Sexologists say the persistence of sensations of pleasure in the climax of men is conditioned by the maximum of 15 involuntary pelvic contractions designed to facilitate sperm removal.

Multiple Male Orgasm Is Possible

Although multiple orgasms are generally associated with women`s sexual experiences, statistics show that between 15% and 20% of men often enjoy 2 or 3 orgasms in the same sexual act, according to the scientific approach of the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey

Multiple male orgasms don`t involve ejaculation and require more methods to postpone climax, such as tantric sex.

Premature Ejaculation Is a Matter of Personal Preference

In medical terms, premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches the climax in less than 2 minutes from the start of sexual intercourse. In real life, this phenomenon is classified in relative terms, according to experts.

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In other words, it`s rather hard to quantify the too short time from prelude to ejaculation, as couples share different preferences. What might mean inferior strength of man`s erection for certain intimate partners will be perfectly acceptable for others. Therefore, premature ejaculation can be defined as the end of sexual intercourse earlier than it would have wanted a couple.

G Male Spot Exists

Stimulating the G spot to obtain an explosive orgasm is no longer an exclusive possibility for women, since experts have noted that such a strong erogenous point exists in men`s anatomy. – Check this out!

The male G spot is a few centimeters deep in the anus and has the shape of a chestnut protuberance. Stimulating this area leads to more intense orgasms than usual.

Preconceived Ideas

There`s no novelty: not only women simulate; a man can play a little theater as well. Men`s orgasm isn`t automatic and inevitable. A sexual relationship without orgasm shouldn`t be considered a fiasco. You may enjoy pleasure before or even postponing penetration. A sexual relationship that will offer satisfaction to both partners isn`t necessarily the one in which the man and the woman finish at the same time (they have orgasm simultaneously). On the contrary, trying at any cost to synchronize orgasms can weaken concentration and cancel the joy of the pleasure.

Orgasm and ejaculation aren`t synonyms. As mentioned before, a man can have orgasm without ejaculating. He may have an orgasm and the sperm will be poured into the urethra. Orgasm without ejaculation is a method that can be learned. It`s what is called coitus resemnatus, allowing the man to feel multiple orgasms.

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