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7 Proven Reasons for Which Pregnancy Is Good for You

Even if there are days when pregnancy can be felt as an experience that is less beneficial for your body, it can be make wonderful things for your health and your well-being. Next time when your belly hurts, your back`s itching or you cannot sleep, you should take into consideration the following things and keep in mind: soon the baby will be here and he`ll thank you for it!

When you are pregnant for the first time, you aren`t actually ready for nausea, fatigue or mood changes. Once you pass through these tryouts, you realize that pregnancy offers some great benefits. Most of the times you may focus on the negative aspects of pregnancy, and you may forget the ways in which these 9 months can be so good to you.

You Are Eating Healthy

For the first time in your life, what you are eating affects another human being directly. A pregnancy can motivate you to take more intelligent decisions. Pregnancy can a lot of times be a wakeup call to reality. Most pregnant women start to be very careful with their nutrition once they understand the way their baby is affected. Among this particular aspect, the real good thing is that you are helped regarding this by your body. For example, you are feeling sick in the morning if you aren`t eating, so it`s more likely to start your day normally by having breakfast. While the pregnancy evolves, hunger starts to appear more often even if you feel you like you had enough more quickly, so you learn the good habit of eating little and often. According to nutritionists, this is ideal to keep the level of blood sugar stable and having a normal metabolism. Also, pregnancy is one of the few occasions is a good idea, even necessary, to gain weight – a “foreign” concept for a lot of women. While this doesn`t necessarily mean you need to gobble up in one gulp a doughnut, pregnancy represents a period of time in your life when certain culinary pleasures can be satisfied more often. – Check this!

You Are Becoming Friends with your Belly

Even if you don`t go to the gym very often, there`s something when talking about pregnancy that makes physical exercises fun and enjoyable. You may adore the fact that you don`t need to hide your tummy during cardio exercises. In fact, the desire of doing such exercises only because you know is healthy for your baby can be a great sense of relief. When you are doing exercises for two, you may not feel them as such a burden. In the end, it`s not about losing weight (if the doctor didn`t recommend it), but rather about helping your body in the development of a healthy baby. Practicing prenatal yoga, Pilates or other types of group exercises can be ideal places to meet and connect with other future mothers.

The Risk of Breast Cancer Decreases

Having a pregnancy before 30 years may decrease the risk of breast cancer. Experts aren`t exactly sure why, but they speculate that the key factor is represented by the changes in the breast tissue caused by the pregnancy. A hormone, produced while pregnant (hCG), stimulates breast cells to mature themselves, which causes permanent changes of the mammary glands. This change may help in preventing cancer.

You Are Getting Smarter

Well, in fact no. More exactly, because of your hormonal growth and the interbreeding of your brain connections, you may not feel smart or intelligent at all sometimes. But you are surely becoming more intelligent when it comes to safety, giving up anything that isn`t healthy, like smoking, alcohol, reckless driving or not wearing the seat belt. Additionally, you have at your disposal the doctor`s phone 24/7. All the monitoring and tests performed constantly can become boring towards the end of your pregnancy, but there`s no other period in which so many people are so involved and interested in your health.

You Are Always the Center of Attention

Once pregnancy becomes obvious, you`ll start to feel like everybody loves you. You`ll get an empty seat in all public transportation, you can cut your way in line to the bathroom and you also get a special parking place for your car. People will carry stuff for you, they`ll keep the door open for you, they`ll bring chairs to support your feet and they`ll also get you a glass of water every time you need one. There may be days when you won`t want this much attention (and all the advice that comes with it), but overall, it`s a beautiful escape from reality. – More info!

You Are Learning to Be More Calm

The breathing and relaxing techniques that you are learning in your prenatal courses have a much wider application than for labor. These abilities can be useful for your entire life and can help you pass through very stressful situations. Not only this, but also the months before birth (and especially birth itself) can be an amazing experience through which you and your life partner can become closer.

You Can Feel as a Rock Star

Of course, there may be moments during pregnancy when you feel weird and clumsy, especially while your belly is getting bigger and you can no longer see your feet. You`ll be a witness to the way your body changes, and of course, this will feel pretty amazing at times. Pregnancy makes women feel proud of the way their body is able to behave. The development of a human being inside of her gives her strength. This cannot be denied!

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